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A Long Overdue Partnership

Chronograph watches and racing have long been a married couple. The chronograph pre-dates automobiles in general, but their functionality was indispensable in many industries and hobbies such as aviation, astronomy, healthcare, and even military operations, just to name a few. Really, anyone that needed accurate time measurement for anything used a chronograph.

Heuer quickly made a name for themselves in the automotive racing world with their dashboard chronographs. These were used to track progress throughout a rally course or an endurance racing event. In the 1960s, Heuer developed two chronograph racing watches: the Carrera and Monaco. Heuer has a deep rooted history well within the racing world, and a lot of the technology developed for these watches was specifically for racing events.

Almost everyone has heard of a Porsche Carrera, whether you’re a Porsche enthusiast or not. Most Porschephiles know the name came about in 1954 after Porsche placed third in the famous La Carrera Panamericana in Mexico. The “Carrera” name has since been applied to many of Porsche’s models.

As an avid car enthusiast, I’m also very much a watch enthusiast. Although, I admittedly know more about cars than I do watches, that doesn’t make me any less excited than a bonafide horologist would be at the news TAG Heuer and Porsche shared at the beginning of February: They’ve entered into a long-term partnership.

This is really a long overdue partnership that should have been realized decades ago. They’ve both been using the Carrera name for well over half a century, they both make precision products, and they both settle for nothing less than excellence. Pair that with the fact when Heuer wanted to market the functionality of their chronograph to race car drivers, they chose Porsche factory driver Jo Stiffert to team up with, and it seems pretty obvious these two brands should have gotten together a long time ago. Better late than never, right?

The new TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph Special Edition is a wonderfully special watch for the Porsche enthusiast. To start, it has the Porsche name in the Porsche font on the bezel where you would normally find the word “Tachymetre.” The color scheme is red, black, and gray, which are inspired by and the trademark colors of Porsche. The dial is inspired by asphalt and just looks absolutely stunning, and also uses the Porsche font. And if you opt for the leather band, it’ll remind you of the leather interior, right down to the stitching. Flip the watch over and you can see the inner workings and a design element that reflects the steering wheel of a modern Porsche.

For me, the timing was unbelievable. I’ve had three chronograph watches on my wish list for a long time… in no particular order: Rolex Daytona, Omega Speedmaster, and TAG Heuer Carrera. I’ve owned a TAG before, but it was an entry-level battery powered watch. I’ve never owned an automatic chronograph before, but I’ve longed for one for virtually my entire life… much like I had longed for a Porsche 911 before I finally bought one. I had actually been seriously searching for the past couple of months for a good chronograph, and I was literally just hours away from pulling the trigger on a beautiful Omega Speedmaster I found at H.Q. Milton. Then, out of the blue, news of the TAG Heuer Porsche Chronograph reached me. I knew this was the watch I had to buy.

So I did.

When it arrived at my home and I opened the box, I found it to be even more breathtaking in person than any of the photos I had seen. The elaborate packaging provides a very special presentation for its new owner. The weight of the watch feels great in your hand and on your wrist, it certainly reminds the wearer that it’s a real watch (not just a fashion accessory). For me, this watch is nothing short of perfection. I opted for the steel band, but may look into purchasing the leather band so I can have the option to switch out when the mood strikes. The linkage to Porsche is so beautifully done, yet entirely invisible to those who aren’t in-the-know. It’s understated elegance at its finest.

If you’re both a Porschephile and a horologist, you owe it to yourself to buy this watch. This is the kind of timepiece that will never depreciate; it’s a special edition, the first offering from the partnership, and it’s stunning. It will be an heirloom for generations to come. Much like a classic Porsche.

Check out my unboxing video here!



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