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Originally, Zero to Flat Six was started to document the true ownership experience of my 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera (type 996). The media and influencers of the world would have you believe the 996 is the most “hated” or “unloved” Porsche 911 ever, but that’s a seriously limited and flawed view of one of the most important 911s in Porsche’s history.

Truth be told, owning a 996 has been nothing short of amazing. I’m a big fan of vintage and classic cars, and (believe it or not) the 996 now falls into that category. Most people think of classic cars as being old, uncomfortable, and unreliable—and for good reason. But this is where the 996 shines as a classic car. It’s not getting any younger, but, it’s also the perfect mix of that classic “feel” and modern comfort and convenience. And thanks to Porsche’s commitment to their older cars, you don’t have to worry about finding parts when needed, and you can also make your 996 a bit more modern. Best of all, it’s reliable. This has been the most reliable car I’ve owned, it just never breaks down. Of course, I do take care of it by having all the regularly scheduled maintenance performed when it should be, and I don’t hesitate when it comes to preventative maintenance either. But, really, everyone should do that for any car they own.

Alas, the reliability of the 996 is really the reason this site is now more about Porsche’s in general, with a focus on the 911 (in particular, the 996). There’s just not a lot to write about in terms of ownership as there just hasn’t been any surprise or unreasonable problems. I hope you enjoy reading the content here, and there’s plenty more to come!