Life with PCRN

The Porsche Classic Radio Navigation unit (PCRN) is something Porsche offered up to owners of classic Porsches that are devoid of modern conveniences such as navigation, bluetooth, and iPod/iPhone connectivity. They made this so you could replace the original factory stereo without the need to cut-up your dash board and install something in your classic … Continue reading

MAF and Circumstance

Occasionally, when I’m driving a bit spirited or enthusiastically, two warning lights will illuminate on my dashboard. The “PSM Off” and “ABS” warnings aren’t normally lights I should see while driving. However, when I turn off the car and return to drive again, the lights are off as if nothing ever happened. It’s not every … Continue reading

And the Band Played On

The stereo removal/installation is now complete, but it certainly wasn’t without its surprises. In the end, everything came out—all speakers, the head unit, amp, crossovers, CD changer, radar detector, and the navigation unit under the passengers seat. A whole mess of mid-range components and low-grade installation. It’s like a cancer was removed from the car, … Continue reading